Serenity (2005) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online HD

Serenity (2005) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online HD

Serenity (2005) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online HD

Serenity (2005) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online HD

n this continuation of the television series “Firefly,” a group of rebels travels the outskirts of space aboard their ship, Serenity, outside the reach of the Alliance, a sinister regime that controls most of the universe. After the crew takes in Simon (Sean Maher) and his psychic sister, River (Summer Glau), whom he has just rescued from Alliance forces, they find themselves being pursued by the Operative (Chiwetel Ejiofor), an Alliance agent who will stop at nothing to find them.

Mal receives an invitation to visit from Inara Serra (Morena Baccarin), a former Serenity occupant. Despite knowing it is a trap (Inara did not argue with him), Mal goes to rescue her. The Operative confronts Mal, promising to let him go free if he turns River over. Mal refuses and, with Inara’s help, barely escapes. River reveals that Miranda is a planet located beyond a region of space swarming with Reavers. The crew flies to the planet Haven to ponder their next move, but they find Haven devastated and their old friend, Shepherd Book (Ron Glass), mortally wounded. The Operative claims responsibility, promising to keep pursuing them and killing anyone who assists them until he gets River.


Despite the crew’s objection, Mal disguises Serenity as a Reaver ship and travels to Miranda through a Reaver fleet without being attacked. On the planet, the crew find all its colonists dead and a recording by the last surviving member of an Alliance survey team (Sarah Paulson). She explains that an experimental chemical designed to suppress aggression was added into Miranda’s atmosphere; the population became so docile they stopped performing all activities of daily living and placidly died. A small portion, however, had the opposite reaction and became extremely aggressive and violent beyond madness. In effect, the Alliance created the Reavers and this is the secret River Tam had discovered.


Mr. Universe agrees to broadcast the recording, luring the crew to the Operative. However, the Operative kills him, orders the destruction of his transmitting equipment, and prepares an ambush. Knowing this, the crew deliberately provoke the Reaver fleet into chasing them and lead them to the Alliance armada in orbit of Mr. Universe’s planet. The Reavers and Alliance ships battle while Wash manages to pilot Serenity through the crossfire to the planet; despite taking serious damage, he crash lands near the broadcast tower before being killed by a Reaver spear. The Operative’s ship is destroyed but he manages to get to an escape pod and also heads to the broadcast tower.


The rest of the crew make a last stand against the Reavers to buy Mal time to broadcast the recording. Through a message recorded by Mr. Universe before his death, Mal learns of a backup transmitter, but the Operative comes across this message as well. Sustaining heavy injuries, the crew retreats behind a set of blast doors that fail to properly close. A Reaver shoots through the opening, severely wounding Simon. River dives through the doors to close them before the Reavers drag her away. At the backup transmitter, Mal fights the Operative, finally subduing him and forcing him to watch the broadcast recording. Mal returns to the crew, and the blast doors open to reveal that River has killed all the Reavers. Alliance troops arrive, but the Operative orders them to stand down.


The Operative provides medical aid and resources to repair Serenity. He tells Mal the broadcast has weakened the Alliance government, but while he will try to convince the Parliament that River and Simon are no longer threats, he warns that they will likely continue their pursuit in retribution for getting the word out. Serenity takes off with River as Mal’s new co-pilot.

Initial releaseAugust 24, 2005 (Dublin)
Box office$38.9–40.1 million

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