The Bank Job (2008) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online hd

The Bank Job (2008) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online hd

The Bank Job (2008) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online hd

The Bank Job (2008) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online hd
The Bank Job (2008) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online hd


he British Security Services (MI5) have taken interest in a safe deposit box that is located in a Lloyd’s Bank branch on the corner of Baker Street and Marylebone Road. It belongs to a black militant gangster, Michael X (Peter de Jersey),

and contains compromising photos of Princess Margaret,[6] which he is keeping as insurance to keep the British authorities off his back. Martine Love (Saffron Burrows), an ex-model who is romantically involved with MI5 agent Tim Everett (Richard Lintern), is caught at Heathrow Airport smuggling drugs into the country, and to avoid going to jail, she makes a deal with the authorities whereby she agrees to retrieve the photos.

Martine approaches her friend Terry (Jason Statham), a struggling East London car salesman with criminal contacts, and tells him that if he can assemble the gang to help her rob the bank, he will be richly rewarded, though

she does not tell him about the photos in the deposit box. Terry recruits a small team, including one of his own workers, Eddie (Michael Jibson), to serve as the look-out, and Dave (Daniel Mays), a porn actor who once made films for Lew Vogel (David Suchet), a gangster whom Dave happens to run into outside the bank before the robbery.

The gang tunnels its way into the bank vault, where it steals money and other valuables, but Terry is suspicious when he notices that Martine seems to be interested only in one box containing nothing but photographs. After they escape together,

Terry throws off a pursuit by MI5. By now, the police have been alerted to the robbery by a ham radio operator who has picked the “chatter” from the gang’s walkie-talkies up, and Lew learns that among the missing safe deposit boxes is his own box, which is full of evidence about his payoffs to crooked cops.

He notifies a furious Michael X in Trinidad, who correctly suspects Gale Benson (Hattie Morahan), Hakim Jamal‘s lover, of spying for MI5, and subsequently murders her. Lew decides that Dave’s presence outside that particular bank was not a coincidence, and has him tortured for information. Dave gives in, and Lew goes to Terry’s garage to kidnap Eddie.

Meanwhile, a government minister learns that he is also featured in some of the stolen photos, and persuades MI5 to give the robbers new passports and safe passage in exchange for the photos in order to avoid a scandal.

One of the crooked cops on Lew’s payroll kills Dave, and threatens to shoot Eddie unless Lew gets his evidence back. Terry agrees to deliver it to him at Paddington station at the same time when he is supposed to be picking his new passports up from MI5,

but has meanwhile passed the details on to an honest cop, Roy, who alerts MI5 agents. During the exchange, Lew recognises the agents, and he and the corrupt cops make a run for it. Terry pursues Lew and proceeds to beat him up, but Roy breaks the fight up and arrests Lew and his colleagues. In Trinidad, Michael X is also arrested. With his freedom and his new passport, Terry and his family enjoy a carefree life on their small motor yacht off a sunny beach.


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