Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande Create Their Own Open-Mic Fun in ‘Dance To This’ Video

Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande have debuted the highly-anticipated music video for “Dance To This” today (July 19).

The video features Sivan taking the mic in what looks to be a community center room full of semi-interested spectators, before passing the mic over to Grande. Grande, wearing her signature high ponytail and large colored hair clips, wanders and dances around the room with Sivan. Those watching eventually leave the room, leaving the two dancing and singing together.

Serving as the latest single from Sivan’s upcoming album Bloom, due Aug. 31, the two friends joined forces for the soothing but suggestive song, and have teased fans since the song’s release with shots and tweets from the set of the highly anticipated video shoot.

The song is tinged with 80s influences in a Phil Collins-esque drum fill and airy vocals from the duo. A video of them taking over a nursing home perfectly matches the vibe as they dance on tables in vintage fits.

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